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Here you can find commonly asked questions and product information.

I can’t submit my order. What could be the problem?

First, make sure that you have checked  the (TOIMITUSOSOITE) box in the order form. Have you accepted the Terms & Conditions? Once you have fully completed the order form, remember to click the “Pay Here” (MAKSA TÄSTÄ) button. This will take you to the payment screen, and after successfully completing your payment your order will be sent to Vinkee. You can always ask for help through our Contact Form, or email us on asiakaspalvelu at

What countries do you ship to?

EVERYWHERE OF COURSE! In our online store you can place an order to anywhere in the world. You can pay your purchases through PayPal, which means you can pay by debit or credit card, too. We can also send you a pre-payment invoice on request, in which case a €5 invoicing fee will be added.

How much will the shipping cost to my country?

For individuals, shipping fees are always the same, regardless of the size of your order. Shipping to Finland (Domestic) is €4.90 and elsewhere in the world (Global) is €7.90.

Can I wash Vinkee reflective vests in the washing machine?

YES! Unlike the “ordinary” vests you buy in the shop, Vinkee reflective vests can be machine washed. We use the same reflective fabric that is used in workwear, so the fabric can endure even industrial washing. We recommend you wash the reflective vests inside out. Minor stains can often be removed from fleece surface by just rinsing it with water.

Can I wash Vinkee hats in the washing machine?

Vinkee hats can be machine washed. We recommend you wash also our hats inside out.

Will the Vinkee reflective vests get wet in the rain?

Yes! And in a muddy puddle the reflective vest will get all muddy! And wearing the vest can be particularly exciting when it’s snowing, because the Vinkee vests are designed and made for kids. They can be worn while sliding down a hill, playing superheroes or jumping in a big pile of leaves in the autumn rain. After all the fun, you can hang them out to dry, or throw them in the washing machine. The most important thing is to remember to wear them, in every weather! And remember to also clean the kid every once in awhile! They are particularly fond of bubble baths and goofing-around parents.

Are the Vinkee reflective vests certified?

YES! Our reflective vests have been certified by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. They officially comply with the safety criteria for reflective vests. This is why we are allowed to call them reflective vests! They’re not just any old vests, no sir!

Do the Vinkee reflective vests carry a CE marking?

Yes. Vinkee reflective vests are CE marked and they are genuine, proper reflective vests.

Do the Vinkee hats  carry a CE marking?

No. Our hats are not CE marked, and they are not certified. This is why we are not calling them reflective hats. In order to receive the certification, the reflective fabric should be visible from all directions. Even if we would stick a reflector on the back of the hat, we could not call the hat a reflector, or a reflective hat, because such certification doesn’t exist – at least not yet. Hats cannot be certified, because a hat is a hat, and a reflector is a reflector. This is what the official officer has told us.

Are the Vinkee hats visible without the certification?

Our hats are fantastically visible: the reflective fabric will be illuminated when you point a source of light towards it. We use the same high-quality reflective fabric  that is used in workwear. It’s REALLY visible! Oh, and you can wash our hats, too. And you should. We have received a lot of very positive feedback about the high visibility and durability of our hats from our users. We hear they’re the best hats everrrr!

Are there differences between reflective fabrics?

Yes. There are various different reflective fabrics on the market, and they vary greatly in visibility and wash durability. We use a reflective fabric that complies with EN471 standards. It’s very high quality and machine-wash durable. It’s the same fabric that’s generally used in workwear. The term for this EN471-compliant fabric is “FOR PROFESSIONAL USE”. Which means it’s totally the best, for superheroes big and small.

We’re also very specific about the quality of our products and test our own reflecting and regular fabrics. We are committed to delivering best quality and that’s why we choose our materials carefully.

Where are Vinkee products manufactured?

Vinkee’s own products are manufactured in Finland. The high quality and durability of our products and materials is very important to us. We want to create products that last long and look good. Vinkee products are not disposable wear-once products, they are machine wash durable. We choose the best materials we can find, and our products are made by professional adults that love their work. We can name every person that make our products. And that’s something we’re mighty proud of!

Reflective backpacks and bicycle spoke reflectors are not our own production.

Why are you always having such great fun?

We think it’s very important to enjoy your work. That’s why we always work in ways that bring us joy. Sometimes we can’t get the phone, because we’re busy plaiting a little girl’s hair. Sometimes we post stuff in social media in the middle of the night, when we get a thoroughly amazing new idea, and just need to tell the world about it RIGHT NOW. Sometimes we spook our clients with chat, because that can be great fun. It’s our job, but we like to have fun doing it!! Come on, join us on this great adventure! ^_^

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