Terms of Delivery

Terms of delivery are valid from 1.8.2016. By ordering you accept the following terms.

Product pricing

All prices are in euros and include the applicable finnish vat rate of 24%. Vinkee reserves the right to alter the prices.

Ordering goods

Customers aged 18 years or older can place an order. An order can be placed through the vinkee online store, by email or through vinkee facebook page. The customer is responsible for checking the order is correct before submitting it. The order is paid in advance through online banking, paypal or pre-invoice. Vinkee charges a standard pre-invoicing fee of €5.


There is a limited volume of products available in our online store. If a product is out of stock due to simultaneous orders, we will contact the client as soon as possible. If we don’t have the product in stock and it’s a so-called backorder product, we will ship the product to the customer as soon as the product is back in stock.

Confirmation of delivery

A confirmation of the order is sent to the customer by email to the address provided. The customer will be responsible for monitoring their email. The order confirmation will be considered as sent and received, unless we receive an error notification. If the customer does not receive an order confirmation within two business days from placing the order, they should contact us by email on asiakaspalvelu@vinkee.fi.


The order is paid in advance through online banking or paypal. The customer may also request a pre-invoice, in which case a standard pre-invoicing fee of €5 will be added to the
Total. If the customer wishes to pay their order by pre-invoice, they should contact us by email on asiakaspalvelu@vinkee.Fi.

Delivery times

In-stock products will typically be sent to the customer within 3-7 business days after the payment shows in our records. We ship orders at least once a week. Usually our shipping day is tuesday. During peak seasons, for example just before christmas, we send out shipments several times a week.

During finnish holidays, such as christmas and midsummer, we’ll be on holiday too, so the delivery times will be longer. Other holidays and and atypical shipping schedules will be communicated on our online store website.

From time to time, we get swamped with orders. When this happens, delivery times may be longer than usual.


Our products are predominantly shipped to our customers through the finnish national postal service, posti. Smaller deliveries will be sent by letter mail, and larger ones by parcel post.

The products will always be sent in the most cost-efficient way, so they may arrive packed in multiple packages/envelopes/postal bags.

For individuals, shipping fees are always the same, regardless of the size of your order.

Shipping within finland (domestic) is €4.90 and elsewhere in the world (global) is €7.90.

Shipping costs will not be returned even if the products are returned.

Shipping outside finland

We also ship our products outside finland. For a private consumer, the shipping costs will always be €7.90, regardless of the size of the order.

Satisfaction guarantee and returns

All our products have a 14-day right to exchange and return under the consumer protection act (not including the outlet products). If a product does not have a right to exchange and return, it will be mentioned on the product page. The returned products should be in original, vendible condition. The products are considered as received within 3 working days from shipping.

The customer should always contact us within 14 days by email on asiakaspalvelu@vinkee.Fi before returning the product. We will supply the customer with specific instructions for the return. We do not accept cash on delivery returns. The customer will cover the costs of return shipping.


We always try to take care of things so that all parties will be satisfied, and we don’t like to argue. However, if we find ourselves in a middle of an argument or disagreement, and we can’t resolve it by direct negotiations with the parties involved, the customer can bring the case to the finnish consumer disputes board for a neutral resolution. www.kuluttajariita.fi

Before submitting the case to the finnish consumer disputes board, the customer should contact the consumer ombudsman at the finnish competition and consumer agency (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi). But first and foremost, they should contact us directly, of course.